Letter from an Anonymous Friend

It is no great secret that the terminal crisis of capitalism is before our eyes: the welfare state, the bitter product of two world wars, the child of Hitler and Noske, wherein a certain social safety net was provided for a measure of social peace, is in the process of being forcibly liquidated by the exigencies of an incresingly bankrupt social system. This much is evident to all those who have a basic thinking capacity. And thus, those who are protesting for a defense of this transient historical form will find nothing here of value, nor even anything here addressed to them.

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November Occupation Statement

The past week saw occupationsÂą at UC Santa Cruz, UC Los Angeles, San Francisco State University, Fresno State University, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, and UC Irvine in response to a 32.5 percent fee increase across the UC system. 110 students have been arrested and occupiers have demanded unconditional and immediate amnesty for anyone involved in the week’s actions.

A statement from Berkeley follows.

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We seek to push the university struggle to its limits. Though we denounce the privatization of the university and its authoritarian system of governance, we do not seek structural reforms. We demand not a free university but a free society. A free university in the midst of a capitalist society is like a reading room in a prison; it serves only as a distraction from the misery of daily life. Instead we seek to channel the anger of the dispossessed students and workers into a declaration of war.

SMS / SF State